Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Parts of "The Edge" in Louisville Complete

Parts of City Properties' The Edge at Liberty Green project seems to be complete. The southernmost building seems to be complete. As you can see in the picture, work has also started on the middle section of the development. So far only the dividing walls between the individual homes are up. It looks like it is being completed in phases, since there is no construction yet on the northernmost part of the site.
The project itself is loosely based on the Huxtable neighborhood in the Cosby Show. It is somewhat of a fresh take on that. Looking at the buildings, they look very different from the surrounding Liberty Greens buildings. 

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Whiskey Row Troll Pub Under The Bridge's troll taking shape.

A few months ago it was announced that there will be a new pub coming to the Whiskey Row block in downtown Louisville. The so called Troll Pub Under The Bridge will be located on the Washington Street side of the development. According to City Properties Group, the pub will feature a 10 foot troll statue outside the establishment. There's a nice little video I found on Youtube, that shows the making of the troll.
The bar will be in the basement of the block. The owners plan to invest about a million dollars.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Whiskey Row Demolition Starting Soon?

According to a Fox41 report, part of the roof of one of the buildings at Whiskey Row has collapsed. It looks like it's the back part of the yellow and white brick facade building. (second from the east). It is part of the building Todd Blue still owns. As I drove past there yesterday, I saw that the city moved the construction fence completely across the street. Washington Street is therefore closed to cars. You can still use the sidewalk across the street though. Employees from neighboring buildings were actually the one who found out about the collapse first, as they were told to not park their cars on Washington anymore.
With a giant hole in the roof I imagine demolition should start soon. I don't know what a good rain and storm could do to the building and its neighbors.

Here's a LINK to the Fox 41 story, where you can see the hole in the roof.

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