Friday, August 5, 2011

Whiskey Row Demolition Starting Soon?

According to a Fox41 report, part of the roof of one of the buildings at Whiskey Row has collapsed. It looks like it's the back part of the yellow and white brick facade building. (second from the east). It is part of the building Todd Blue still owns. As I drove past there yesterday, I saw that the city moved the construction fence completely across the street. Washington Street is therefore closed to cars. You can still use the sidewalk across the street though. Employees from neighboring buildings were actually the one who found out about the collapse first, as they were told to not park their cars on Washington anymore.
With a giant hole in the roof I imagine demolition should start soon. I don't know what a good rain and storm could do to the building and its neighbors.

Here's a LINK to the Fox 41 story, where you can see the hole in the roof.

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